YouTube: Three Frivolous Copyright Complaints and You’re Out!

So it has now been more than a week since my “The Daily Vlog” account at YouTube was closed without explanation. It just says “This user account is suspended.” Like I’ve been sent to the principal’s office or something.

I’ve since been in contact with YouTube, and even though they agreed it was a mistake, the account is still closed. I found out only today what the third video was that they received a DCMA take-down notice for. Sure enough it was from Viacom, and sure enough it is as ridiculous as the others.

All three videos taken down were clearly non-infringing, as are all of the videos at “The Daily Vlog”. They are just us sitting at our sofa talking. No music, no clips, no chance to even enter a gray area.

According to a response I got for one of my counter-claims, they have to send the counter-claim to the original party. Now why would Comedy Central, Universal Music or Viacom devote any attention to a counter-claim? I wouldn’t be surprised if I never hear back on this. So the account is liekly permanently closed.

I’ve placed the three videos up at Blip.TV so anyone can see how bad the drag-nets are.

The Daily Vlog, 8/1/06 (Claim made by Comedy Central)

The Daily Vlog, 8/17/06 (Claim made by Viacom)

The Daily Vlog, 11/13/06 (Claim made by Universal Music Publishing Group)

The worst part, of course, if that I am guilty until I they determine I am innocent. And they have no motivation to do that.

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  1. Written by Sam
    on 2/21/2007 at 11:11 am