New Site: WP Tips and Hacks

For years I have been thinking about how successful MacMost has become, and how I can keep it growing. At the same time, I have though about duplicating its success. I’ve really gotten good at updating a resource like this almost every day, and keeping it up for years. So is there another topic I could cover besides Apple stuff?

I think about what I’m good at, what I have a lot of experience with, and what I use all the time. Then just recently it hit me: WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress for a long time. Not just using it, but modifying it and digging into it. PHP, the language it is built on is something I’ve been using even longer.

It didn’t take me long to realize that this was the idea I had been looking for. So I started a new site all about WordPress.

I’ve putting my own spin on it, as I did with MacMost. It won’t be for professionals, like plugin or theme developers, or those that work to build and maintain WordPress for clients. Instead it will be for everyday users of WordPress who prefer to do it themselves. I think this is a lot of people.

All too often when you try to figure out how to do something in WordPress, the answer at some site is: get a plugin. A lot of people out there have sizes with dozens of plugins as a result.
I’m going to try to champion writing small bits of code, or “hacks,” to get things done, rather than always grabbing another third-party plugin. I’m going to teach this the right way, encouraging people to develop their own custom plugin for these hacks. But I’ll also have posts where I mess with themes, functions.php, and various settings. And I probably will talk about some plugins when I think they are worth installing.

I’m off to a great start with this project, having posted every day for the last month. I even jumped right in and created my first Udemy course. It teaches the basics of creating your own swiss-army-knife plugin. Here’s a coupon to get it for only $10.

My plan is to keep it going. I want to add content day-after-day, year-after-year, just as I have with MacMost. I think I’ll enjoy it as it combines my teaching skills from MacMost with my coding skills. There’s a weekly newsletter at the site, so sign up for that and watch it grow!

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