Yahoo Hosting Poor Customer Service

So I have to rant about how disappointed I am with Yahoo hosting. I signed up for a simply Web site hosting account to move one of our sites to. I paid $25 for a set-up fee, plus the first month’s fee, which was like $12 or so. After getting access to my account, I found out the for some insane reason, they don’t support htaccess files, as basic tool of Web hosting. I need this to run my sites, so I can translate URL’s like myscript.php?page=7 to URL’s like mypage.html. Very simple stuff.
As soon as I saw that htaccess didn’t work, I emailed support and began to research. I found out prety quickly that lots of people have complained about this. So I cancelled my account with them and found a new host for this site.
Seeing as how I had this account for just a few hours, and that I could not have foreseen the htaccess issue, I emailed them to ask for a refund. Even though their “terms of service” says no refunds, I thought that this was a pretty clear-cut case and that they would probably rather see me happy as a customer than to keep my $37. After all, I do buy other services from Yahoo.
I explained the situation in an email. At first at got the run-around. They sent me to a page that wasn’t relevant to my email. But then I finally got a response of “no”. What crap. I really thought that they should have cheerfully refunded my money after reviewing my case. I don’t get why they wouldn’t. I didn’t use their service. I took up no bandwidth and no storage space. I cancelled promptly.
So, because they wanted my $37, I won’t buy any more hosting from them, and probably move the site I do have hosted there away. Just stupid.

Posted on May 23, 2006 at 12:04 pm by Gary Rosenzweig · Permalink
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