What’s Behind Door Number Three?

Hello and welcome to the world of iOS app development!
Shall I show you what we have behind revenue door number one? It’s paid apps! Develop and app and put it up for sale. Sell millions, or rather dozens, and make $50, I mean $0.99 per app.
What, not interested? OK, then on to door number two.
It’s advertising! Make your apps free and put ads in them. Now you’ve got thousands of people downloading your free app. Hey, and the revenue isn’t that bad either. Not mortgage payment size, but maybe car payment size.
Maybe, the real money is behind revenue door number three.
It’s in-app purchases! Give the app away and don’t bother with the ads. Then sell add-ons and features. People get to try out the game first, and then pay to get more if they like it.
So that’s what this post is about. I just submitted my first game with in-app purchases. It is a jigsaw puzzle game, an off-shoot of my Just Jigsaw Puzzles site. The game cuts a picture into pieces. There will be a sample of 15 images. Then there will be six different picture collections of 50 images for sale.
I’m excited to see how this goes. My gut feeling is that there are too many jigsaw games in the app store already. So I won’t get many downloads or in-app sales. But, if I get even a small number it will be encouraging.
Think about this too: each image collection is a theme: animals, space, landscapes, etc. What if I sell a lot of one collection, like the “animals” one? Then I can update the app with another set of animals. That’s exciting.

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