What I Think of Tiger

I have to say I disappointed in Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). This makes two in a row, as I was disappointed in Panther as well.
It is not that either OS has problems. On the contrary, they are pretty much problem-free. That’s their best feature: they work well. I like that they don’t get in the way of my work, but at the same time offer huge depth. I love that I’ve got Linux and Apache running in there and can do Web work locally.
What I don’t like are the “features” that Apple pushes as the main reason to spend the bucks. Panther had Expose. That was the thing where you could hit a key and all your windows would rearrange themselves so you could find a window faster. It was supposed to change how I work. It didn’t. I think I used it once.
Now, Tiger has things like Spotlight and Dashboard. Spotlight so far has made it harder for me to work. It used to be that I could press Command+F, type a part of a file name, and then fine the file. Now, I type that file name, I get teased for a second with a glimpse of the very file I was looking for, and then 100+ entries fill the window, 99 of them not what I wanted. The file I want is now burried under a collapsed list or some such. I know you can tweak Spotlight to work like you want, but I shouldn’t need to do that just to get back to what Panther did.
As for Dashboard. I love it. I loved it even better when it was called “Desktop Accessories” back in Mac OS 6.
Don’t get me wrong, I love OS X. It’s the price that I have a problem with. Since I have a laptop, a work machine, my wife’s laptop and her work machine, it means that it costs 4x$130 to upgrade. Don’t even mention the “Family Pack” that the license is strictly for “non-commercial” use which rules me out. So paying $500+ to upgrade to Panther and then another $500+ to upgrade to Tiger really bothers me when all I’m getting is more speed and stability. At half the price I’d be much happier.

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  1. Written by JAC
    on 5/17/2005 at 10:17 am

    Being a PC user, the one feature of Macs that I am constantly jealous of when I go home from work is the Exposé. I find myself all too often trying to activate on my XP machine (and tried a couple of progs that emulate it).

    Try getting a multi-button mouse and binding the F9 exposé function to the fourth or fifth button, and perhaps you’ll appreciate how helpful it can be. To me, it’s like a very elegant Alt-Tab.

    I haven’t had the chance to use Tiger yet, but I am also unimpressed with the features for the price.

  2. Written by Zac
    on 5/22/2005 at 1:32 pm

    Expose rules. I use it daily in Director and its the *one* reason why I haven’t had to shell out for an additional monitor yet. Hit F10 and then select the Script window from behind all hte other Director window clutter

    Automator is great and will be even more useful once I get a video card compatible with Core Image.

    And I use Spotlight daily. RealSoftware and Omni Group produced Spotlight plugins for their apps and it makes it a breeze to find code snippets. I even use it to search through ColdFusion pages to find code.

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