Webcam Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a Flash jigsaw puzzle that takes the input from your Webcam or other video device and makes a puzzle from it. I’ve got an iSight on my Mac and that’s what I’ve been using to test. But I’d love for some others to test it with various machines and Webcam devices. Try it out and send me a comment.
I wish that I could also let the user select an image file from their hard drive. But frustratingly, there is no way to do so without first uploading the image to my server. You can use Flash 8 to select a file on the drive, and then upload it. But you cannot use Flash to select a file and load it locally. That doesn’t seem to make sense. I think it might be an oversight. The file selection class doesn’t give you the actual path on the user’s hard drive, which makes sense for security reasons. But it should allow you to load the image in anyway, even without revealing the path to your code. Why would it be OK to allow the user to send a file to your server, but not use it locally?

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