UpdateStage.com Changes Hands

All old-time Director developers know updateStage.com. Gretchen McDowell created the site, oh, I don’t know, back in the mid-90s. It had a great “quirks” list, and a Mile-High tale of products, that was usually the best way to find an Xtra. Gretchen posted a lot of code up there, and also took in a lot of Xtras that needed a home.

Anyway, Andrade Arts, the maker of the Resolution and Enhancer Xtras, has bought the site. The front page reads: “This site will remain all things Adobe Director related. Director rocks baby!”. It looks like all the old content is still there and we might be able to see some updates soon.

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 10:47 am by Gary Rosenzweig · Permalink
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