Switching to Free AOL

So I was doing my year-end accouting and was surprised to see that AOL is still charging me $7 per month for my bring-your-own-connection account. I thought they switched to “free” for this service back in August.

Some searches revealed that you are not automatically switched to this free service, you have to ask. Further research showed that all you need to do is enter the AOl keyword “Change Plan” and you go to a Web page that lets you switch with a few clicks.

I’m not really an AOL user, but I’ve had my AOL email address longer than any other (1993 or 94) and I’m sentimental about it. Plus, as a developer, it is worth it once in a while to check in and see how my pages look to AOL users. Also, I’ve used it more than once to reach an AOL user via email who has their spam filter set so high that they won’t even accept email from outside of AOL.

Well, anyway, at “free” the price is now right.

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