Sith Impressions

Not exactly a “developer” topic, I know. But I doubt you’ll find a Director, Flash or Web develop who hasn’t been talking about Sith this week.
I saw it on Friday afternoon, adding myself to the loss of productivity that the nation suffered on Thursday and Friday.
Sith wasn’t bad. But it definitely fits into the prequel series in terms of quality, not the original series. I’m one of those people who considers Episode IV to be the best movie ever made. It has nothing to do with special effects and everything to do with story, characters, drama, and so on. It might also have a little to do with teh fact that I was at the perfect age and place when it came out. A 7-year-old boy growing up between the city and the suburbs. Star Wars dominated my imagination for the rest of my childhood, and continues to be a major influence.
I don’t know. The prequels just didn’t grab my attention like the original movies. We went home and watched Episode IV that night. There is definitely somehting about how the characters took screen presence in that movie that isn’t there in the new ones.
Or maybe it was the fact that in the original movies, the characters of Luke and Han were unimportant until the story began. A farm boy and a smuggler. Then they got involved in things and made a difference. As a boy, I liked that. But in the prequels, it is all about “chosen ones”, Jedi masters, elected officials and grand conspiracies.
Oh well. The prequels are fun, but that’s about it. While Star Wars is my favorite movie of all time, and Empire ranks in the top 10, none of the prequels will be my favorite movie of the year, or even get close to Return of the Jedi for that matter.
Now that Sith is over with, I can look foward to Serenity.

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  1. Written by Zac
    on 5/22/2005 at 1:29 pm

    Revenge was a disappointing movie for me. Mind you it wasn’t as abysmal as the first two prequesls but the movie lacked any real depth of emotion or character (with the exception of Ewan Mcgegor in the last fight scene). His path to the Dark Side isn’t believable and thats ultiamtely a failing of the writing and the directing.

    I had hoped that a better director would have been given the helm for this movie (as was done for TESB) as Lucas isn’t know for his ability to get anything other than flat performances from actors.

    I’m glad it wasn’t a horrid movie but I left the theatre thinking of numerous ways in which the plot could have been better and the dialogue rewritten.

  2. Written by darth
    on 5/25/2005 at 2:55 am

    Lucas has actually created a different version of Revenge of the Sith – it involves a character called Darth Bane – the jedi who created the order of the Sith

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