Shockwave On Windows CE!

Shockwave is no longer just Windows and Mac. It now runs on Windows CE too. For those of you not familiar with it, Windows CE is what runs on handheld devices and set-top boxes. It is a very different operating system than Windows, requiring new versions of applications as Windows software just isn’t compatible.
So now we can finally start to see Shockwave on devices other than PCs and Macs. The first such device is the PIC from AMD. It is a tiny computer that is meant to be a low-priced solution to getting computers into the hands of people in 3rd-world countires and such. Check out the full press release:
BSQUARE ports Macromedia Shockwave Player to AMD%u2019s Personal Internet Communicator (PIC).
This appears to be a full port of Shockwave, with Flash Xtra and 3D Xtra included [CORRECTION: No 3D], and it is version 10.1. Of course most Windows CE devices are pretty low-powered, so I’d imagine a lot of high-end Shockwave content won’t run. But that is par for the course with Windows CE devices, which struggle to run high-end media like Flash and such.
So it looks like Adobe IS spending money and energy on Director/Shockwave!

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