Shareware Indusrty Conference

I was at the Shareware Industry Conference today. I’ve gone to this small event before, but this year it was in Denver. Kinda nice to drive 30 minutes from home to a conference, and then return that evening. Beats the hell out of an airplane flight, hotel room and a week away from the family.
When I last went, about 3 years ago, I learned a lot. Not so much this time. But then I think it is because I have learned so much over the last three years about the production and marketing of software. For instance, a new hot topic was blogs and RSS. But I’ve been using them for at least a year now. That’s a lot less time than most, but still a lot more time than some who haven’t even started yet.
Anyway, I enjoyed the sessions and look forward to the next two days. Funny how 3 years ago I had never produced a piece of shareware. My first came soon after the conference. Now, 3 years later, CleverMedia has tried that market, profited from it, and since relaxed its efforts there. I was wondering whether this conference would renew my interest in shareware. Downloadable games are still hot properties. But so far after 1 day, I feel motivated to apply some of the techniques to other parts of my business, but leave the downloadable games to other companies.

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