Questions for iPhone Day

So, I’m getting ready to begin my wait in line at the local Apple Store. We’ll be producing video for, and hopefully purchasing an iPhone at 6 o’clock. Once I get one, the big questions I have are:

1. How fast or slow is the EDGE network? I’m used to surfing via my phone on a slower pre-EDGE network, so I’m hoping the 200Kbps being reported today seems fast.

2. Does it work with some of my iPod accessories. I’m hoping it at least works with the dock cables and chargers I have. But I’m not too sure about the microphone.

3. Does it work well with normal headphones? I hate ear buds. I won’t use them. They hurt my ears. So, I use nice padded or over-ear headphones. But how does the iPhone, which expects to have a mic on the headset, work with just headphones? How easy is it to switch to a call?

4. Does Google Docs work on the Safari in the iPhone? Being able to create word processing and spreadsheet documents is a huge factor.

5. Will the games I created at work? I’m betting the AJAX ones do, but the QuickTime ones don’t.

6. How well can you use standard blogging software, like Word Press, with it? It would be nice if I could blog easily from the phone.

7. How is the camera? I know reviews are not kind, but I’m used to a really crappy phone camera. This should seem better, I hope.

8. How soon will someone come up with a hack to allow you to use a custom ringtone? I’m betting by the end of next week.

9. How is coverage in my area? I’ve never been on the Cingular network, so I’m hoping it doesn’t suck too bad.

10. Will I respect it in the morning? Or will I wake up realizing that I just spent $600 and committed to a 2-year $2,000 contract for something that isn’t that much better than the phone I already had?

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