New YouTube Categories

YouTube changed their categories today. I never understood the categories they chose before, and now they are worse.

For instance, for tech stuff, like my Mac videosare no longer in the “Gadgets and Games” category. Not that it was a good fit for those, but it was better than “Entertainment” which is what these videos are now categorized as. A new “Science & Technology” category is better, but it is not shown in the list of categories to view, only in the list of categories when uploading your video. Huh. What’s the point in that? Why they don’t have “Tech” is beyond me.

Can I take a sec to criticize the list:

Autos & Vehicles
Film & Animation
Howto & Style
News & Politics
People & Blogs
Pets & Animals
Travel & Events

First off: Autos & Vehicles? There are a lot of “Vehicles” videos I guess.
Entertainment? But Entertainment that is not comedy, Film & Animation or Music?
People & Blogs: But Blogs can be about anything. So can people. So how does this define a category?
Travel & Events: Isn’t everything a sort of event?

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  1. Written by NENE
    on 11/7/2007 at 11:59 pm