New Media Expo Wrap-Up

So I am really glad I went to the New Media Expo this year. It was my third year at the show, so I was worried that there wasn’t much more to accomplish.
I loved the keynotes, especially the first one by Gary Vaynerchuk , from Wine Library TV. His enthusiasm is contagious. He was pretty much preaching to the choir with me, as I am already doing everything he talked about — but the difference is quantity. He does it all so much more and more intensely.
I also got to rub elbows with the likes of Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Veronica Belmont, Anji Bee, Chris Marquardt, Steve Garfield, Felicia Day, Jonathan Coulton, Andy McCaskey, and so many more. Also, the hometown Colorado crew, and my conference-buddy Mike McAllen.
In addition to the “more and more intensely” take-away, I also learned I need to push more to get people to review MacMost at the iTunes store. Push push, hint hint.
Oh, and I want to work to build my audience at And I got a few ideas about episodes to do, as well as maybe some future interview subjects.
I also feel good that I raised awareness of MacMost with a lot of people. And awareness of me. I’m pretty shy, but I hung out with a lot of cool people, all the time wearing MacMost attire and handing out cards. Hopefully I made some new friends.

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