Mission MAX

So on Sunday night I will travel to MAX, the last Macromedia User Conference. I’ve been to 7 of these since 1995. This will be the first time since the first one that I am not speaking. However, I will not be attending as a developer, either. I’m going as press — as managing editor of Director Online.
My mission is simple: find out as much as I can about the future of Director. Specifically, what are Adobe’s plans for it, now that the big fish has eaten the little fish. Or, more accurately, the medium-sized fish has eaten the slightly smaller medium-sized fish. They got
regulatory approval for the merger today.
I don’t have high hopes for my mission, as I expect people to be pretty non-commital. But I also plan on trying to file other reports here on my blog, as well as maybe even an overall report as an article on Director Online.
If you are not going to the conference, and there is something you want me to investigate, post a comment here. Thanks.

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