MAX 2005: Flash On Every Screen

In this session, Robert M. Hall talked about the multitude of devices that Flash plays on.

He started by showing an example of Flash running on an ATM machine. Next was a bank coin counter. He then talked about wrapper applications, two of which were VB/.NET and Director. The rest were dedicated Flash .exe creators.

Next Hall showed some kiosk projects. Then some large display projects, like the plasma screens you see at banks. Incidentally, he mentioned that McDonalds uses Director and Flash to display their menus on plasma screens now.

Next was the Fairmount WaterWorks Interpretive Center in Philadelphia. They have kiosks there running a Flash presentation. Then he showed the work he did for Intellifit.

Then Hall showed some barcode readers and card readers and how a Flash movie can be made to read these codes from a simple USB device.

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