Massive SideKick Outage

My favorite gadget, my SideKick (Danger Hiptop) phone/PDA, has bee useless all week so far. There seems to be some sort of massive outage. People on the forums have been complaining of an outage since Saturday afternoon. That’s exactly what I’ve seen too. Both Web and email have been out since then. In addition, the Web interface has been down. What a mess.
An outage that lasts a few hours is no big deal. But now we are going on the 4th day. They don’t say much about it either. There is no public mention of the outage except a post this morning on their forums. This morning CNET reported on it, but without a comment from anyone official.
I just wish that when companies like TMobile/Danger had trouble like this that they would fess up and provide some sort of compensation. I’ve heard that you can get $5 back if you complain enough, but this blog post is all I have time for today. I’ve already wasted enough time doing soft resets and checking the device every hour.

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