iTunes/iPod Issue

So I bought a new album from iTunes this morning. I’ve bought several before, but still prefer to by physical CDs because of the DRM headaches that come with a download. One of those headaches happened soon after my purchase when I went to put the album onto my iPod. It wouldn’t transfer. I didn’t get a little + symbol when I went to drag it to my iPod icon in the iTunes interface.
After consulting many forums, I tried lots of things: restarting, restarting the iPod, re-installing the last iPod update, re-formatting the iPod (erasing all the music on it), switching to an automatic iTunes/iPod synch and transfering all my music to the iPod again. After an hour of this, I still didn’t have this album on my iPod.
Then I found a little post tucked away in a forum: you need to play a song on the newly purchased album to complete authorization of the purchase! That’s all I needed to do. I just played the first few seconds of the first track. Then I could transfer the album to my iPod. Couldn’t there have been an error message or some such that told me this? Or the album would check authorization automatically when I tried to transfer the music? Apple is usually so good about such things.

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