I Just Made Some iPhone Games

I Just Made Some iPhone Games. Or, at least I think I did. I thought of two ways that I could make games that will work on the iPhone. The first way is to build JavaScript games. Tough to do. Even tougher to make good ones. But I built a Match Three game and a Collapsing Blocks game a while back. So I modified them to fit on a smaller screen and tested thoroughly in Safari 3. I figure Safari 3 is as close as I can get to an iPhone until Friday night. Lucky that both of these games should work well on a touch screen.

I also thought about the QuickTime Flash layer. QuickTime has had the ability to display Flash 5 movies for a while. And since I started making Flash games a long time ago, I’ve got a library of code that works in Flash 5. So I ported 3 games over as QuickTime movies. They work in Safari as well, and also in iTunes. They do not work on my Apple TV because they refuse to transfer to it. But maybe they will work on Safari on the iPhone.

I’ve created a little arcade of iPhone games to await Friday night. Then I’ll test and modify. If these games actually work, I’ll put more there. I’ll also improve the games for the screen and processor.

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