Help me out, vote for Podcast Salad

So my video podcast enterprise plods on. We’ve got 8 shows, four in regular production. At this point I seriously doubt some of the numbers thrown out by other shows — viewers in the hundreds of thousands. I think bad stats, YouTube popularity and other factors inflate that number.
Nevertheless, I still see the key to any chance of success lies in getting to be one of the 100 or so featured video podcasts on iTunes. I know many people listed there claim that their real traffic began when they got listed there. But it eludes us. As I commented last month, it is a big mystery how to get listed there. Podcast Salad will have it’s 14th show this week. It has much higher production values than most shows, has come out regularly, and has content that should appeal to iTunes. But no love from Apple. Heck our office is 100% Mac shop and we’ve all got video iPods. What more do we need to do?
Anyway, one way you can help is by giving us good representation on other podcast sites. For instance, Podcast Alley have a monthly voting thing. Ranking is determined by “votes this month”. So you can help a lot by takign a second to vote right now. Just click on this link: Vote for Podcast: Podcast Salad, type your email address (no other info needed) and then confirm by clicking on a link in your email (takes liek 5 seconds to get the email). It would be a huge help, as if we continue to appear at the top of the Podcast Alley charts, hopefully iTunes will notice. Thanks!

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