Has Adobe Lost Its Mind?

So I came across a new story today that says that if you use Director 12 to make a paid iOS app, you have to give 10% of your revenue above $20,000 to Adobe.
First of all: What? There’s a Director 12? I stopped using it around Director MX 2004 (version 10, I guess). But I used to be one of the top Director/Shockwave developers in the world. I literally wrote the book on using Director. So, nice marketing job telling people that Director 12 exists.
Second of all: What? You can create iOS apps with Director 12? Huh. Never thought that would happen. Well, I guess I could take some of my old games and re-release them as iOS apps. But…
Third: Really? You pay for the software, and then you have to pay Adobe a royalty on profits from the content you create? Who is going to do that? No other tool I know of has this kind of thing in place. And the main competition, native app creation, certainly doesn’t do it. Flash, the other competition doesn’t do it.
A tiny bit of interest I had in paying Adobe $299 to upgrade just went bye-bye.
Oh, and one other thing. Why isn’t Director included in Adobe Creative Cloud. I pay the monthly fee so I can get everything from Adobe. That should include Director.

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