Flash Encryption

The number one reason I don’t like to make games in Flash anymore is that it is too easy for someone to decompile my hard work, remove my protections, swap out the logo and copyright and put the game up at their own site. It has happened to me before.
The reason for this is that the SWF format is open, which means that companies can get the information they need to build these decompilers. Then they sell them under the guise of allowing developers to decompile their own work if they lose the .fla version. That’s BS. The real deal is that they are selling these things to pirates.
Here is a review of a new weapon in this battle. This one will encrypt your SWF file so it is harder for a decompiler to get anything useful out of it.

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  1. Written by John
    on 8/17/2005 at 12:55 pm