Director 11 Is Here

Well, believe it or not, the long winter is over. Director 11 has been released. We now have a native Mac Intel version of both Director and Shockwave. We’ve got a new physics engine and a re-commitment to Shockwave 3D as it is now DirectX9 compatible. We’ve got a new text engine with unicode. We’ve got Flash 9 support — sort of. We’ve got the name “Adobe” before “Director”.
Points of contention are: It works on Leopard, but is only officially supported on Tiger (what?!). Old Havok-based movies will work in Shockwave 11 on Windows, but not on Mac since there is no Intel version of the Havok Xtra. The new text engine screws up some text in some old movies. Flash support includes Flash 9 and AS3, but not Flash 9 components. So if you use AS3 components in your Flash movies, they won’t work.
The good news: lots of talk about a commitment to Director and versions 12 and 13 already in the planning stages. I’ll be blogging more in the coming days and weeks about Director 11.

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  1. Written by lilao
    on 3/27/2008 at 11:59 am

    It’s a good new!!! Excelent new! We wait for 4 years for this!!

  2. Written by suhail
    on 5/1/2008 at 9:11 am

    How about nested time-lines? Director needs Flash like nested time-lines.

  3. Written by atom
    on 5/8/2008 at 5:10 am

    does director 11 really support actionscript 3? All the blogs and comments etc seem to point to the conclusion that it doesn’t. I’d upgrade if it had as3 support, but without it I can’t see any justification for investing in the new version.

  4. Written by Silolo
    on 8/7/2008 at 3:09 am

    i’m working on a MMOG using director 11.. but then i dont know how to install the flash xtra into director, how to do that?

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