Dave Winer on iPhone Development

Here’s a blog post by Dave Winer. The first paragraph says it all. So I’m not the only one who sees iPhone App development as too risky.
In fact, I often thought that the ideal first App for me to develop would be a copy of the Urinal Game. It is a simple App, developed originally in Flash 2, so it has to be simple. I thought it would be a good way to cut my teeth on iPhone App development, and I could distribute it for free to test the market.
But now that Apple has banned the “Pull My Finger” application, I’m not sure they would go for a humorous App like the Urinal Game. I wouldn’t risk it. If Apple denies the application, then all my work would be for nothing because there is really no other way to distribute the App. As a small business, I simple can’t spin my wheels like that. I’ll stick with my Web-based iPhone games, where there isn’t a single gatekeeper.

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