BlogWorld Expo Wrap-Up

So I was a speak at BlogWorld Expo this week in Vegas. A very good conference with a lot of energy and interesting things to see. My talk was on The Secrets of Video Podcasting and Vlogging. I thought it went rather well, and I’m so grateful that many people took the time to come up to me afterwards and later that day to tell me they got a lot from it. I’ve posted a PDF version of my Keynote presentation for those who attended and want a copy.
The only negative thing that I have to say is that a lot of speakers did no show up for one reason or another. Bad form on their part. A lot of influential people (AKA bloggers) were there, so it was not a good group to disappoint. On the other hand, Mark Cuban didn’t disappoint, giving an energetic and inspiring closing keynote. Leo Laporte also did a great deal there, stepping up in one session on the cult of blogging where the other panelists were no-shows, and bringing in iJustine and putting together a nice presentation.
I had a great time, met some wonderful and very interesting folks. I wonder what the next cool conference will be?

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