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Got home from work and had a few emails from YouTube, and one from BayTSP. I’m guessing that BayTSP is the company that Viacom pays to track down copyright infringement. A search turned up a few references to them and that sort of thing.

Anyway, all the emails I received were positive. For instance: “In response to your DMCA counter-notification, Viacom International has
retracted its copyright claim…” Very professional language in all the email.
I think it would have been a nice touch to be more apologetic.  Heck, I’ve screwed up before and I always bend over backward to make friends. But whatever.

Here’s what BayTSP had to say: “With more than 100,000 unauthorized clips that needed to be removed from the site, unfortunately, there were isolated errors. We regret the inconvenience this may have caused and we will  continue our ongoing efforts to convince YouTube to deliver on its promise of a more practical and  effective method of protecting copyrighted content.”

OK. I’m fine with that.

But most importantly, my account is back. Action is what I really wanted after all. We’ll start posting new vlogs to it tomorrow.

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  1. Written by orc
    on 2/12/2008 at 8:43 pm

    Here’s what I had to say:

    To Mark Ishikawa:

    I will begin my explaining to you Mark and all of the other American
    illiterate capitalist greed mongers, at “BayTSP, Inc.” I have done nothing

    It is of my belief that piracy is STEALING and therefore any person/s caught
    with pirated and/or copyright infringed material/s should serve a lifetime
    in purgatory and/or hell whereby they must adhere to
    Diablo/Demonio/Hades/Satan/Devil and must report to the punishment office
    666 on level 666 on first arrival.

    This/these person/s must suck black c0ck for an eternity, no questions asked.

    Hence why I put forward my case:

    In the matter of woody Vs The Neo-Nazi Americans!

    I have not infringed your “client’s” copyrighted material to my knowledge.

    I am pleading ignorance, naivety and I am proclaiming incredible
    intelligence at the same time.

    I am “ignorant/naive”, specifically to your fat, capitalist pig fuck, oil
    raping, civilian killing, nation’s “The Berne Convention for the Protection
    of Literary”, “Universal Copyright Convention” and no doubt the abhorrent bs
    feces these conventions stand for, finally, any “bilateral treaties” you may
    have with my country and yours.

    I am however, announcing a magical declaration that’s been on my mind for
    some time.

    I “declare” myself to be brilliant, artistic and beautiful, all at the same

    Moving forward…

    Let me make it very clear for you:

    I do not support shith0use greedy scoundrel capitalist movie studios which,

    a) Produce big budgeted fecal matter films that aren’t worth the time/effort
    and/or coliform/bacteria their made for. I.e. “The Honeymooners” or “Four

    b) Supported or currently support actors whose name begin with “Tom” and
    ends with “Cruise”.

    I guess you’re client’s really unlucky this time around. 😉

    That all aside.

    I apologise and I really want you to understand this:

    I purchased the film on DVD.

    Therefore it is my right, not anyone else’s but mine.

    To make a backup copy of this film.

    I repeat, I own this film! The DVD I own!

    Customer “copyright” laws state: If you purchase a film, you have every
    right, under god, his messiahs and scientologists from around the world, to
    “backup” the “original” film you purchased, as to preserve its quality and

    Guess what US scum?

    My DVD doesn’t work no more.

    If I have to repurchase this film again, on my limited, poor arse, “low”
    class income that I receive on a fortnightly basis.

    I will not be impressed.

    I will not be able to feed myself.

    I will starve.

    Therefore I’m downloading it.


    I would just like to conclude by professing my full cooperation in these
    matters and it’s been a pleasure working with you, your company, your client
    (paramount pictures) and of course the great law enforcing conventions of

    Any questions, complaints, apologies?

    Please forward them to myself at this address. You now have my email
    address, I would appreciate it if you would send further complaints in the
    future (I’m sure there will be plenty more) to here and not my ISP.

    Though I do understand you’re only going by the IP, but please research the
    facts more before you send these fagg0t American threats and bullshit
    “penalties and perjury” infringement notifications.

    Yours truly,

    The guy that hates America. – P.s. If you wish to attempt to extradite me,
    I’m ok with that but please give me at least 2 weeks notice however, as to
    allow me time to alert my friends/relatives and leave “town” on a much
    needed trip to a place where United States has not effected, be it
    “culture”, “control”, “capitalism” and the country must be FREE of U.S.
    jurisdiction. No, you won’t find me – don’t bother looking!

    As my best mate always says,


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