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Switching From AS3 To Swift

So it has been a long while since I’ve posted here. I do a lot of things, and coding no longer takes up a majority of my time. But I still enjoy it more than anything else. For the last year, my biggest coding project has been to translate my biggest app, Mah Jong Tiles […]

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New Site: WP Tips and Hacks

For years I have been thinking about how successful MacMost has become, and how I can keep it growing. At the same time, I have though about duplicating its success. I’ve really gotten good at updating a resource like this almost every day, and keeping it up for years. So is there another topic I […]

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WindWord Development Notes

So I’ve been building games professionally for 24 years now. Do I have a process? Not one, but several. And none of those are how I made WindWord. It started out as a basic idea for a quick word game, something I could punch out in a few days. You have a word search grid […]

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Cribbage vs Robots

I’m experiencing a bit of a creative streak recently, creating several new games so far this year. I returned to app game development after more than a year away from it. My first game in this series, Island Golf, was a success in that I enjoyed making it, remained focused on the app all through […]

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Island Golf Development Notes

Island Golf is my first new game in more than a year. That’s probably my longest drought since I started making games in 1995. I’ve been busy developing online courses and had been discouraged by the lackluster performance of my last few games and the App Store in general. Back in December I actually went […]

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