Answers for iPhone Day

So I’ve had my iPhone for a few hours now, and here are the answers to my earlier questions. We’ve also posted a ton of video to
1. How fast or slow is the EDGE network?
Not bad at all. Much faster than on my old SideKick. Not nearly as fast as using the WiFi, but still pretty good.
2. Does it work with some of my iPod accessories?
Not my Belkin Mic, but it does work with the old iPod dock cables.
3. Does it work well with normal headphones?
No. My good Sony headphones will not fit into the deeply recessed headphone jack. Not sure if this is intentional. I’ll need to find an adapter. I sure hope the input jack in my car works. But probably not. This is a problem.
4. Does Google Docs work on the Safari in the iPhone?
Yes and no. Viewing seemed OK with a doc and a spreadsheet, but I couldn’t edit either.
5. Will the games I created at work?
Yes! Well, at least 2 out of the 5. So I’ll continue to make some games. Look for new ones there in a few days.
6. How well can you use standard blogging software, like Word Press, with it? It would be nice if I could blog easily from the phone.
Seems to work fine.
7. How is the camera?
Seems OK. Nice to have the larger resolution, but it is still phone camera quality.
8. How soon will someone come up with a hack to allow you to use a custom ringtone?
We’ll have to wait and see.
9. How is coverage in my area?
5 bars at the office. I’ll drive around tomorrow and test.
10. Will I respect it in the morning?
I’m still drunk with the day’s events. So I’ll have to sleep it off and see.

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