Advanced Lingo for Games is Now Out of Print

I got a letter yesterday that declared my Advanced Lingo for Games book as “Out of Print.” This means that the book will no longer be available from the publisher. When warehouses and stores sell their last copy, that will be it.
It also means that the rights for the material will revert to me. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet. Perhaps I will turn it into an eBook and sell it online myself. Or, maybe I’ll look into print-on-demand services.
This book is probably my “masterpiece.” It was only my third book, written way back in 1999. It was the first book dedicated to games and Director. There have only been a few since. I know it still sells, and another review was just added to Amazon just a few months ago.
I’m often emailed about updating this book. It was written for Director 7/8, but only needs a few tiny tweaks (code continuation character) to work in Director MX 2004. A 3D version of the book has been requested many times as well. However, the Director book market is almost non-existant. Most stores don’t carry them any more. Most publishers have discontinued their Director book series. That’s why I’m not interested in writing any more books. I’ll stick to updating DOUG as my outlet for Director writing.
Still, I’d like to make sure that Advanced Lingo for Games remains available in some form to those who want it.

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