Adobe Soundbooth only for Intel-Based Macs

Is this the first instance of a major piece of developer software that is Intel-only, and not”Universal Binary?” I was excited when I saw the announcement of Sound Booth — finally a Macromedia/Adobe contenter to replace the old Sound Edit 16. But apparently the Mac version is Intel-only. That’s odd. I thought the plan was to develop things as Universal Binaries. Why would Adobe leave behind the huge install base of G4 and G5 machines? I can’t run it, still being on an old G4 PowerBook. I’ll probably upgrade to a MacBook Pro in a few months, tho.

So, if you want to run Adobe products on a Mac. You’ve got to have two machines. A G4/G5 for Flash and Director. And an Intel Mac for Sound Booth? Because there aren’t even UB versions of Flash and Director yet. I don’t think there are UB versions of anything, including Photoshop, yet. Huh.

I wondered when companies would stop making applications that work on G4/G5 machines and made Intel-only ones. My guess was “late 2007”. I was off by about a year.

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