3D Modeling Toolkit Made in Director

CanDoInteractive has released an 3D modeling kit that uses Shockwave 3D. From their site: “The basic concept is based on driving a vehicle ( using Havok physics ) around the environment that the 3D artist has created. An easy, single step export process from your 3D app is all that is required to interact with your level. No additional complex tools are required to view your level. This simple, fast export process ensures that students enthusiasm does not deteriorate, as it can with long rendering times for animations.”
It looks like the basic idea is that you can build a 3D scene in the modeling app you are using, such as Max or Maya, then quickly import it into the game and play.
Of course the thing that interests me about this most is that it is done in Director. I’d imagine you could use other 3D development environments to make this, but the cost and perhaps the development time would be much greater.

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