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Searching for iPhone Apps

So while I’m still against building my own iPhone App (too risky with Apple denying good apps), I am a big user of iPhone apps. But I am frustrated with the iTunes interface for finding them. So I built my own. You can see my iPhone Apps directory over at MacMost. I still have some […]

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Dave Winer on iPhone Development

Here’s a blog post by Dave Winer. The first paragraph says it all. So I’m not the only one who sees iPhone App development as too risky. In fact, I often thought that the ideal first App for me to develop would be a copy of the Urinal Game. It is a simple App, developed […]

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Why I’m Saying No To Client Work

The idea of doing work for “clients” predates my career as a programmer. I was doing desktop publishing work for clients back in college. I wasn’t necessarily in business, I was just a poor college student always on the lookout for some cash. So when I quit my job and started working for myself back […]

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