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On the Fence About Developing iPhone Apps

Back when Steve Jobs announced that 3rd parties would be allowed to make iPhone Apps, I planned to be right onboard. I brushed up on Objective C and Xcode, and waited to be accepted into the iPhone developer program. A glitch prevented me from getting on to the program until much later than I expected, […]

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New Media Expo Wrap-Up

So I am really glad I went to the New Media Expo this year. It was my third year at the show, so I was worried that there wasn’t much more to accomplish. I loved the keynotes, especially the first one by Gary Vaynerchuk , from Wine Library TV. His enthusiasm is contagious. He was […]

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More iPhone Games: Astro-Blobs and Poker Solitaire

Since my iPhone Games continue to do pretty well, I thought I’d continue to add to them. These are free games, based in JavaScript and Safari. I’ve always liked Poker Solitaire, a quick, simple game, with some pretty complex strategy behind it. I also did an iPhone version of one of our very first Flash […]

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