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Jigsaw Puzzle Interface Improvements

So when I switched my jigsaw puzzle game over from Shockwave to Flash, I added a ton of new features. That didn’t stop people from complaining that they didn’t like change. Whatever. With the falling penetration numbers for Shockwave, I had to move to Flash. Plus, Flash 9 is fast and smooth. Anyway, one of […]

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iPod QuickTime Baseline Profile Mystery

So I’d thought I’d share the results of my attempt to create perfect podcast video compression. Perhaps some can benefit from it, others might see a flaw and point it out. The goal was: create a process to compress QuickTime video so that 1) It works on 5G iPods to iPhones, 2) It uploads to […]

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GameScene Video Podcast

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to create a podcast about game design. It occurred to me the other day that I have developed more than 150 games that are at GameScene and my other sites right now. Why not create a video podcast showing off each game and giving my […]

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Social Networks are Like Playgrounds

I love social networks. I don’t mind that they are popping up everywhere nowadays. I look at them like playgrounds when you were a kid. No one ever said: “What, they are building another playground in the neighborhood? We already have too many!” It was another place to explore, hang out with your friends, make […]

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