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Shockwave 11 for Intel Mac Released

The main Adobe link for Shockwave 11 still directs Mac Intel users to a page explaining how to set your browser to Rosetta mode and download Shockwave 10. But the page at contains a link to the real Shockwave 11 for Intel Macs.

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Director 11 Is Here

Well, believe it or not, the long winter is over. Director 11 has been released. We now have a native Mac Intel version of both Director and Shockwave. We’ve got a new physics engine and a re-commitment to Shockwave 3D as it is now DirectX9 compatible. We’ve got a new text engine with unicode. We’ve […]

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iPhone Developer Program Limited?

So it looks like we might already be seeing the first snag in the whole iPhone development thing. I filled out the form, asked them to take my $99, and then I waited a whole week. I just got this: “Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment […]

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