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Director 11 To Ship In March

Adobe announced Director 11 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It will ship in March, with an upgrade price of $299 (from 8.5, MX and MX 2004) or a full price of $999. A $99 educational version will also be available. It updates the 3D engine to DirectX 9, and replaces the Havok […]

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New iPhone Games

Been a while since I added to my iPhone Games collection. I created a Pyramid Solitaire game and a version of my game Add It Up. That makes a total of 18 games. I think I’ll work on some more to get it to 20 by next week. I appreciate all the traffic I get […]

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Radio Interview

I was on the radio here in Denver on Saturday. The show is rebroadcast as a podcast at Startup Story Radio so have a listen. I’m the second guest, and Rob, Dave and I talk about entrepreneurialism among other things.

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