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Halloween Creepiness on eBay

When my wife and I re-opened The Attic Bookstore in a new location, we also created a new theme for the store: Gothic-haunted. The place is full of skulls, dark art, creepy stuff and even animatronics. But to try to make a 1970s commercial building more ‘haunted’ we tried to acquire some things that were […]

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Replaced My MacBook Pro Fan

I was probably crazy for doing it, but I took my MacBook Pro, still protected by AppleCare, and replaced a very noisy fan. Made a video of it too. I just could go a week without my laptop, which is what probably would have happened if I sent it in. Plus, I read a lot […]

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Take a Look at Leopard

I’ve just posted a ton of video about Leopard over at MacMost. Also, a full review. I love it so far, a much better jump from Tiger to Leopard than it was from Jaguar to Tiger. Lots of useful things for people like me: Spaces, Time Machine, Automator, Mail Notes, Web Clipping Widgets, etc.

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Props to StubHub

When a company does something wrong, bloggers love to hit them. But you don’t see enough unsolicited blog posts about companies that do things right. I have never bought tickets to anything outside of official channels. But I wanted to see the Rockies in the playoffs, so I bought tickets through I was very […]

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Director 11 to Have DirectX 9 Support, More With Havok?

Check out this forum post detailing what was revealed about Director 11 at the recent MAX conference. Officially, Adobe still says that Director 11 will be out this year. Also interesting in this post: Flash 9/AS3, unicode and Intel Mac.

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