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Free Online Games

I’ve been in this business now for almost 12 years. The business of offering free online games. When I started, there were just a handful of personal homepages with a few Shockwave games posted. Now, there are tens of thousands of Web sites out there. But very very few of them feature original games. Most, […]

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13 Best Features of the iPhone

After using the iPhone for 2 months, here’s my list of favorite features. 1. Google Maps. The map is easy and quick to use, even while driving. And the traffic feature has saved me many times. 2. Lots of free games. 3rd party developers have risen to the challenge and made lots of games, like […]

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Shockwave Installer Removes Ad

For years, the Shockwave installer has had a big, fat, ad for at the end of the install process. Originally, Macromedia owned ShockRave/ and thus the ad. But then split off, and the ad remained. Some sort of business arrangement. since merged with Atom Films and then was bought by MTV. I’ve […]

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Adobe Adopts h264 Video in Flash

So I was imagining a war of Web video dominance between Adobe and Apple. Would it be Flash video or QuickTime with h264 that would win. Supporting my imaginary war was the fact that Apple refused to let Flash YouTube video play on Apple TV an the iPhone, and instead made YouTube switch to h264, […]

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iMovie 08: A Step Back?

It is rare that you upgrade software to get fewer features. But this is the case with iMovie 08, a compete rework of previous versions of iMovie. I used to use iMove for all sorts of quick and simple video edits, but I can’t anymore as basic timeline functionality is gone. My main move was […]

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