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New Version of Shockwave Released

Version from what I hear. Seems the only real change is support for Shockwave 3D in Vista. Previously, something was preventing Shockwave from using DirectX, which meant that Shockwave 3D ran in software render mode instead of hardware acceleration mode. Don’t have Vista on anything myself, so I can’t test.

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ActionScript 3.0 Speed Tests

Exactly how fast is ActionScript 3? Depending on what you test, either slightly faster, 100x or 1,000 xtimes as fast as ActionScript 2. Here are three tests that I performed. All were done on my MacBook Pro. The first test is for animation. One thousand 20×20 red circles are copied from the Library and places […]

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Why ActionScript 3.0 Changes Everything

Move over Ajax, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Java and Python. There’s a new player in town and its name is ActionScript 3.0. Don’t confuse ActionScript 3.0 with its namesake predecessors, ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0. This is a whole new language, and a whole new virtual machine. And its ability to build Web applications and […]

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Adobe Support So Wrong: Downloads Don’t Work on Macs

So, it is Friday and I still haven’t gotten my shipment of CS3 disks. I bought CS3 on Monday and was unable to download the files. Kept getting an error courtesy of the “Adobe Download Manager”. See my previous post. The customer service rep assured me that it was an account problem, and not a […]

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Adobe Releases CS3, Download Broken

So I was surprised to see CS3 available today. I thought it would be on the 20th. But anyway, I bought my upgrade right away. After all, I am writing a book on Flash 9, so I wanted to get on the actual software ASAP. But, after shelling over my money, I find that the […]

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