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Back on YouTube

Got home from work and had a few emails from YouTube, and one from BayTSP. I’m guessing that BayTSP is the company that Viacom pays to track down copyright infringement. A search turned up a few references to them and that sort of thing. Anyway, all the emails I received were positive. For instance: “In […]

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YouTube: Three Frivolous Copyright Complaints and You’re Out!

So it has now been more than a week since my “The Daily Vlog” account at YouTube was closed without explanation. It just says “This user account is suspended.” Like I’ve been sent to the principal’s office or something. I’ve since been in contact with YouTube, and even though they agreed it was a mistake, […]

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YouTube – Account Closed!

Today, without and explanation or warning, one of my YouTube accounts was closed. “Your account has now been permanently disabled.” is what we get when we try to log in. It was our Daily Vlog account, which is a 5-minute-per-day vlog from the office. It features us talking for 5 minutes. Couldn’t possibly be anything […]

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Tabuleiro Gets New Xtras

Tabuleiro, the makes of Director Xtras like ShapeShifter  and the Nebulae multiuser server for Director have acquired and plan to update some well-known and very handy Xtras: ShockFiler, vList, TreeView and TextCruncher. I hear great things about vList and TextCruncher, though I haven’t needed to use them. I’ve never heard of ShockFiler before — the […]

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Wrongly Accused

So today marks the second time in a few months that I got an email from YouTube accusing me of DMCA copyright infringement. Both were for our show, The Daily Vlog. This is a daily 5-minute vlog of uncut conversation from our office. We talk about our day, try to be funny, whatever. We do […]

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