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Flash Frustrations

So in a recent project, I came across 4 Flash frustrations, or “Flashtrations” as I am starting to call them. These are basically bugs in Flash that are so annoying to a developer like me that it drives me mad. Here they are: 1. getURL and POST. Yes, I know that posting via getURL doesn’t […]

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Shockwave 3D Works on Intel Macs?!

I’ve really been amazed at how little information is out there about Director and Intel Macs. At first, I assumed that Director didn’t work on Intel Macs at all. Intel Macs use something called Rosetta to translate commands from PowerPC programs into Intel processor commands. But Rosetta isn’t perfect and I read that Director used […]

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First Look at the Wii

So I got to play with the Wii on Monday night at the Colorado Game Developers meeting. I loved it! Everyone was trying out the Wii Sports that comes with the console, though I did see a bit of Zelda too. I resisted trying to play, thinking that I’ll get one eventually and there’s no […]

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Switching to Free AOL

So I was doing my year-end accouting and was surprised to see that AOL is still charging me $7 per month for my bring-your-own-connection account. I thought they switched to “free” for this service back in August. Some searches revealed that you are not automatically switched to this free service, you have to ask. Further […]

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