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More Director 2007 News, FAQ

Digital Media Designer posed an interview with Thomas Higgins entitled “Director Is Not Dead”. More statements that Director 2007 is the next version and that Director and Shockwave are being updated for both Mac Intel machines and Windows Vista. Among other things, Tom said: “I have … made crystal clear that Director and the Shockwave […]

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Webcam Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a Flash jigsaw puzzle that takes the input from your Webcam or other video device and makes a puzzle from it. I’ve got an iSight on my Mac and that’s what I’ve been using to test. But I’d love for some others to test it with various machines and Webcam devices. Try it out […]

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Director 2007?

Hanford Lemoore noted in his blog that Thomas Higgins mentioned at the Casuality conference last week, and then on Lingo-L, that the next version of Director will come out in the first part of 2007.

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1000 Words, For Free!

So I noticed a lot of people are putting up these pages where you can buy a word on a page for $X and it links to your site. A marketing thing. It was curious as to how simple the code would be for something like that, so I built one. Took me a few […]

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