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Shockwave Player Swaps Yahoo Toolbar for Google Toolbar

Check out Tom Higgins’ blog today: Tom Higgins: Shockwave Player Update. So, basically, we still have an optional toolbar install when installing Shockwave. No change there. But read between the lines. They have a “mutli-year” agreement. This must mean that Adobe is getting money from Google, which flows directly to Director and Shockwave development. In […]

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Colorado Rockies and the iPod

Seems my company is not the only one in Colorado getting some benefit out of using video iPods. My baseball team, the Colorado Rockies, are using them in the dugout to review plays and such. Cool. Video iPods help Rockies prepare for game – Yahoo! News.

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MAX 2006!

Adobe has officially announced the MAX 2006 conference. There was some doubt in my mind whether Adobe would continue the Macromedia tradition of developer conferences. But here it is, Oct 23-26 in Las Vegas. One worry is that I saw it called a “user conference” on one page, which is different than a “developer” conference. […]

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What Does It Take to Get Podcasts Featured on iTunes!?!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time, money and energy on video podcasting. After doing nothing but making games for 10 years, this is a big departure and a big risk for me. I’ve invested about 1.5 salaried positions in video podcast production, and we have 6 shows up and running on Two […]

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The Video Game Censorship War Rages On

With a war on and economic turmoil, our Congress still seems to think that it needs to spend time helping parents of children raise their kids by censoring video games. CNet has a rundown of seven bills being considered: Video games in Congress’ crosshairs.

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