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Ten Things I Wish I Could Do Better

Like most people, I wish I was better at doing some things. For instance, I wish I could speak more than one language. But alas, I have tried many times and my ear and tongue only seem to be interested in English. But there are some other things that I think I can accomplish during […]

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Our Creepy Haunted Bookstore

Those of you who know me know that I have a second business: a used bookstore. My wife and I started it 4.5 years ago in a shop near our house. This summer we bought a building 4 miles south in Englewood, Colorado. We just finished moving the store there. It is double the space […]

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Looks Like Flash Will Win the Web Video War

So Adobe bought Macromedia to compete with Microsoft. ANd what does Microsoft do? They immediately concede the Web video war by discontinuing the WMV player for Mac. Now Flash is the only cross-platform video player with any sort of install base. Though I wonder how big QuickTime’s install base is now that every Windows machine […]

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