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What’s The Moon Made Of?

Today is the anniversary of the Moon landing. To honor this day, Google took their map interface and inserted Moon imagery. The amazing thing is the level of detail. Zoom in all the way to see.

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Video Games Under Fire Again

I don’t even know where to begin. Once again, legislators are trying to get some level of government censorship for video games. This time, sexual content is leading the way, not violence. Apparently there is some sexually explicit content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This content was left out of the game (PC version) […]

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Shareware Indusrty Conference

I was at the Shareware Industry Conference today. I’ve gone to this small event before, but this year it was in Denver. Kinda nice to drive 30 minutes from home to a conference, and then return that evening. Beats the hell out of an airplane flight, hotel room and a week away from the family. […]

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Space Shuttle Returns

So if all goes well, the Shuttle will finally launch again today. I’ve personally witnessed two Space Shuttle launches, despite never having lived in Florida. Both times, in the 80s, a launch just happened to coincide with a trip down there. I was so excited. I love space travel and I have a huge interest […]

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Shockwave 3D in the Corporate World

Our friends at Mockworld have added an interesting feature to — a list of large corporations using Shockwave 3D. It is quite an impressive list. The purpose, of course, is to help developers convince their clients that Shockwave 3D is teh way to go.

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