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Game Development at the University of Denver

I was recently asked to join the advisory board for the new game development curriculum at the University of Denver. There was a story today in the Denver Post about it and a quote or two from me at the end. I think my goal on the board will be to make sure the computer […]

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Shockwave, Not Flash

Amazing. the Site of the Day at Macromedia’s site gives a mini game for the CD-ROM title Stronghold 2 the honor. But they wrongly credit “Macromedia Flash MX 2004” as the platform for the game. It is Shockwave. It even uses Shockwave 3D, one of the key differences between Flash and Shockwave. How could a […]

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Macs, Intel and Director

So we’ve got the second major shake-up of the year. First Adobe buys Macromedia and now Apple is switching to Intel processors. For Flash users, neither of these news items mean much. Adobe will continue to treat Flash like a star product and I’m sure it will be ported to Mactel before we can even […]

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