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Flash Game Makes Headlines

The game Descent to the Underworld has gotten some front-page attention today. The articles I’ve seen all focus on the way it was developed: 6 universities all across the world, all connected via super-high bandwidth. The articles make it seem like the game is some AAA retail title. But in fact it is a Web-based […]

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Sith Impressions

Not exactly a “developer” topic, I know. But I doubt you’ll find a Director, Flash or Web develop who hasn’t been talking about Sith this week. I saw it on Friday afternoon, adding myself to the loss of productivity that the nation suffered on Thursday and Friday. Sith wasn’t bad. But it definitely fits into […]

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Video Games Illegal in Illinois

So a new bill about to be approved in Illinois (AP article) will outlaw video games that are violent or sexually explicit. It is up to store owners to determine which games are or aren’t. Then they have to make sure they don’t sell them to minors. I’d imagine that doing so will be such […]

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Tweaking GoDaddy Hosting

So I signed up for a GoDaddy virtual dedicated server this week. I’ve already got a real dedicated server at plus my main domains hosted at a managed server. But I have one site that has a ton of traffic and it was weighing down my other sites. So I thought I’d offload it […]

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What I Think of Tiger

I have to say I disappointed in Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). This makes two in a row, as I was disappointed in Panther as well. It is not that either OS has problems. On the contrary, they are pretty much problem-free. That’s their best feature: they work well. I like that they don’t get in […]

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