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Adobe Director

So what does the future hold for Director once Adobe completes its purchase of Macromedia? Let’s speculate: I doubt they will sell it off. As many have pointed out, that would create a competitor for Flash. Plus, it is a profitable product, so they will most likely keep it. They could shut it down, slowly. […]

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Adobe Buys Macromedia: Analysis

I was shocked this morning by the news. I’m a complete outsider to both companies, but I have been using and following Macromedia products for 11 years now. So I can’t help but speculate what this will mean. Just about every year, a rumor circulates that Microsoft or some other company is buying Macromedia. During […]

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Adobe Buys Macromedia

Wow. Huge news today. Probably the biggest news in our development world in the last 10 years. There is a Reuters story here and a blog post by Mike Chambers here. So, where does this leave Flash and Director? No need to mention Flash, as I’m sure that’s what Adobe is after. They will probably […]

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FileVault Bad

So about a month ago I turned on FileVault under OS X 10.3. I was going to be travelling and I read everywhere that you should work to protect the files on your laptop just in case. Since FileVault is specifically for this purpose, and there didn’t seem to be a down side, I turned […]

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The Danger of Dihydrogen Monoxide

I’m very concerned about the impact that Dihydrogen Monoxide is having on our environment. Read more at

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