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Director Gathering at the GDC

Thomas Higgins invited all Director developers to meet at Swig, a local bar, in San Francisco last night. A lot of developers showed up, and I can’t remember all the names or spellings right now. Let’s see: Darrel Plant, Steve Bullock, Rett Crocker, Rasmus Keldorff, Roger Jones, Robert Gordon and about a dozen others. Some […]

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GDC Day 1

Just finished with my sessions today at the Game Developers Conference. I started the day by joing to Katherine Isbister’s talk on extroverted gameplay. It was basically an academic look at real-world social aspects of a game. Like when people get together to play Dance Dance Revolution. The most interesting thing to me was the […]

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Massive SideKick Outage

My favorite gadget, my SideKick (Danger Hiptop) phone/PDA, has bee useless all week so far. There seems to be some sort of massive outage. People on the forums have been complaining of an outage since Saturday afternoon. That’s exactly what I’ve seen too. Both Web and email have been out since then. In addition, the […]

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Game Developers Conference Coming Up

So I’m getting ready for my annual trek out to the Game Developers Conference. This will be the first year it is in San Francisco after a many-year run in San Jose. This will also be the first time in many years where I will not be a speaker. I’ll just be wearing a standard […]

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