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Flash Installer Now Also Includes Yahoo! Toolbar

The Yahoo! Toolbar has been included with the Shockwave installer for quite some time. The WeatherBug app has recently been added as well. This gave a lot of fuel to the argument that you should avoid Shockwave for professional work and stick with Flash. Well now that argument is gone as the Flash player also […]

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Updated Shockwave Player Installer Released

Check out Macromedia’s related announcement about the Shockwave player. Basically, what it means is that U.S. users installing Shockwave for the first time will now be asked if they want to install “Weather Bug” as well. So the complete experience for most users installing Shockwave now includes installations of both the Yahoo Toolbar, Weather Bug […]

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Jigsaw Puzzle Site

Soft launching a new Jigsaw Puzzle site, Just Jigsaw Puzzles, today. It is the latest incarnation of our Jigsaw puzzle games. We were the first on the Web site jigsaws, I believe. I think it was about 1997 or so. In 1999 we went daily, purchasing licensed photos. Haven’t done much with it for years, […]

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Director eBooks?

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some eBooks. These would be downloadable files, probably PDFs or such. They would deal with specifica topics in Director/Lingo. They wouldn’t be as long as a print book, as they would only deal with a specific topic. But they would include the source code as a .dir. […]

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In an effort to show home much Shockwave 3D is used, and how good some of the games are, Mockworld has created There are now more than 100 games listed.

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